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Wheel alignment, or tracking, is the process of ensuring your vehicle’s wheels are set to the optimum position, as per the car manufacturer’s specifications. The process involves checking the direction and angle of the wheels and it is an important part of vehicles maintenance. Misaligned wheel alignment can cause uneven and rapid tyre wear, and worn suspension units can also ultimately effect the handling and safety of a vehicle and also have a direct impact on the vehicles wheel alignment settings, so regular alignment and suspension inspections are highly recommended.

Misalignment of the wheels can also result in poor fuel economy as the vehicle faces resistance on the road surface making the car work much harder to drive along in a straight line which is bad for your wallet and the environment.

Typical signs of incorrect wheel tracking alignment are:

  • Uneven or feathered tyre wear
  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Drag or pulling
  • Audible distress while turning corners

Here at Gilmar Motors we use equipment that allows us to make quick and accurate adjustments to your vehicles wheels. Our trained technicians can check the Camber, Caster, Thrust Line, Toe in and Toe out dependent on the chosen wheel alignment service.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to carry out a wheel alignment if the vehicle’s suspension has been modified.

Toe alignment

The toe alignment focuses on the angle of your tyres. If a set of wheels either on the front axle or the rear axle are both pointing in, this is toeing-in. If they are both pointing out, then this is toeing-out and in both cases would require an adjustment in order to correct. This would be our standard front or rear wheel alignment service.

Our Four-wheel alignment equipment also comes with the most up to date vehicle adjustment assistance with three dimensional technical support, which assists our technicians in delivering the best service possible.

The wheel aligner measures multiple angles and compares them to the manufacturers alignment data giving precise and accurate readings. Our technicians can also then provide you with a detailed print-out showing that the vehicle settings have been fully returned to the manufacturers recommendations.

Front wheel alignment

Front wheel alignment can take 30+ minutes and covers toe adjustment to the front wheels only. (Require vehicles to be left).

Four wheel alignment

Four wheel alignment can take 60+ minutes and covers toe alignment on both the front and rear wheels where possible. Any adjustments to camber and castor (if required) will be charged separately. (Require vehicles to be left)

Not all vehicles can have their rear toe adjusted due to the vehicle’s design or manufacture.

We reserve the right to refuse a wheel alignment if your vehicle’s suspension has been modified.

Additional charges may apply if adjustment parts are seized and require time to free off.

Book today using our booking form to arrange for your car’s wheel alignment to be corrected at Gilmar Motors.