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We’re often in a hurry when going out but it is important to take the time to check your under bonnet levels.

Most manufacturers use bright colours to make the areas needed for checking stand out.

Check engine oil

To check your engine oil the engine should be cold and on a level surface. Remove the dipstick, wipe with a cloth then re-dip it and check the level. Dipsticks have a minimum and a maximum mark. If it’s low then top up the oil. A very low level could indicate a fault. Overfilled oil can cause damage to the engine. If in doubt get it checkedĀ out.

Screen wash

Screen wash should always be kept topped up as it is extremely important to keep your windscreen clear whilst driving.

Coolant level

The coolant level needs to be checked and topped up if required. Water can be added but not to excess as the engine requires antifreeze to prevent freezing and corrosion. If the level is low this could indicate a fault and may require checking.

Brake fluid level

Your brake fluid level needs to be inspected. It should never drop below the minimum line. If it does then have it checked. The brake fluid level does drop as when your brakes wear out the fluid reduces. This is an indication that your brakes may need attention.

Power steering fluid

Power steering fluid doesn’t usually require attention. If the level is low then there is a good chance that a leak may have developed and requires checking


If in any doubt book online to get your car looked over by a professional at Gilmar Motors.